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Herbal products Available :

In this Era, Get yourselves rid of the allopathic medicines and treatments, Ayurdham is providing you the ayurvedic medicines and treatments with the purity and goodness of South India.

Ayurvedic Medicines From South India’s Core :

Ayurvedic Treatments always work to fight the cause of the diseases. It helps our body to be able to fight the diseases by enhancing the body healing power to ensure the permanent treatment. Also, Ayurvedic medicines have no side effect. From the woods of Kerala, We are directly providing you the 100% herbal medicines prepared by  Ayurvedic experts.

Coconut oil From South India :

Coconut oil has extensive application in our daily routine. Coconut oil is enriched with so many benefits that we may not aware of just like:

  • Does not contain cholesterol.
  • Easy Digestibility and Absorbtion.
  • Reduce Fat Accumulation in Body.

and so many other benefits. We are providing the 100% authentic Coconut Oil directly from South India.

Spices :

We are providing all spices directly from the land of spices, Kerala to preserve the right taste and nutrition value in your life.


Cow’s Ghee :

As we all know Cow’s ghee is full of essential nutrients that play a vital role in our life. People with digestion problems must consume the Cow’s ghee. We are providing the 100% pure Cow’s Ghee.

Honey :

Honey has the power to prevent even the deadliest diseases like Cancer, It reduces the risk of the heart diseases and beholds umpteen health benefits. We are providing 100% pure Honey.

Ayurvedic Cosmetics and Oils :

Ayurdham is providing 100% natural cosmetics, shampoos, and oils which are chemical free and best for use in our daily life following very good results and leaves no side effects.



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